Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12

Genesis 32:1 – Genesis 35:27

Sorry I’m a little late posting. Here it is the January 12th already and this is my first official post as I “Read through the Word”.  I am so enjoying this study and daily walk through the word and the opportunity to dig deeper into God’s word.

I love the account of Jacob wrestling with God and how Jacob refused to let go until he received a blessing.  While digging a little deeper. I ran across the following link:
“Jacob wrestles with God” by Pastor Ron Thomas of Rodgers Baptist Church. After reading this I can definitely see myself as a “Jacob” especially in the question he presents at the end. Am I in the night of my struggle, feeling all alone, scared, and afraid. Am I tired of wrestling? Am I at the end of myself? Am I ready to acknowledge my weakness, the futility of looking behind? Can I see that when I wrestle with life and choose my own direction I am indeed wrestling with God and His will for my life?

 Also I find it interesting that Jacob told “Everyone in his household to get rid of their pagan idols”. It makes me wonder what idols I have in my household that need to be buried.

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