Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36

Today’s Itinerary:   Exodus 13-15

Soooo much good stuff in today’s reading I’m not even sure where to begin

 My Something New: "And in the future, your children will ask you, 'What does all this mean?' Then you will tell them, 'With the power of His mighty hand, the LORD brought us out of Egypt, the place of our slavery. (Exodus 13:14)

It is our responsibility to tell our children both natural and spiritual children what God has done. I never really thought of my testimony being a command from God before. My own testimony is something I have never felt necessary to share unless it served a purpose.  Through this scripture it confirms something God has placed up my heart. That in due time I am to be prepared “in season and out of season” that I might be able to explain what I do,  why I do it, and the wonderful power and might God has shown to me in my life.

More New: God said, "If the people are faced with a battle, they might change their minds and return to Egypt." (Exodus 13:17b).

When the Israelites were freed from their bondage after hundreds of years in captivity they were in no way ready for battle. Spiritually and physically they had been worn down. Much the same way I had been worn down by my own bondage of addiction. After receiving deliverance there was a period necessary for growth to become stronger physically as well as spiritually before I was able to fight any battles. And yes there were times that turning back to my Egypt looked tempting. But by God’s grace I grew stronger each day through His word and the promise of a better “Land”.

My Something Old: Then the angel of God, who had been leading the people of Israel, moved to the rear of the camp. The pillar of cloud also moved from the front and stood behind them. The cloud settled between the Egyptian and Israelite camps. (Exodus 14:19-20a).

As the source of their bondage grew closer the angel of God repositioned himself between the source of bondage and the promise of deliverance blocking their access to return to what was once familiar. In my weakest moments when turning back seems to be the easier choice I am so very thankful that God had at times put up roadblocks to stop me. Roadblocks that help me to stop, examine, pray and see His glory at work in my life giving me direction and courage to move forward.

My Something to Do:  Keep my eyes on God. Be still and know He is God and move when He says “Now Move!”

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